The Tech Sector Needs More Women

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“The Tech Sector Needs More Women” is the title of  Bruce Upbin’s article last month from Forbes. Being in the tech world over the last 15 years,  I could not AGREE more. This article is a great read and and why have we not heard more about this? In my professional tech career, I have been fortunate to work with many women in various capacities across multiple countries around the world. No matter the culture, language or socio-economical background women in the workplace and in this case, the technology workplace have may my career so much richer. Weather it was when I was fresh out of college or up until my recent employment as an IT Director at a Fortune 50 company, women in the tech sector have had a positive impact on my career and have made me a better person.

I cannot begin to understand what it must be like to chose between family and a career as a women in today’s society. Nowadays, women should not have to chose, but I can appreciate there are pressures women face beyond what I can begin to understand. With that being said, in technology, we do need more women in tech sector for benefit of us all. I have had peers, managers and even women that reported to me and I can say without a doubt, my work-life and places I worked for were way better off. This was not JUST because they were women however women are the true definition of teamwork and in technology, team work and teams rule.  So yes, we do need more women in the tech sector and I do hope this comes to fruition over the next few decades.

Bruce does a great job outlining a few points that may help women who are faced with pressures of staying in the tech sector. Check out the article. and let me know what you think. Would love to hear your take on this subject.

Hector Perez Jr

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