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Hello everyone and welcome to the Merivis Blog!  This is my new re-branded technology blog I am excited to debut this week after a bit of rework to the site. As you probably know, I have been blogging about insights into emerging technologies and in particular cloud computing and for over 2 years now and wanted to revamp the blog and bring in some special technology guests.  I would first  like to thank Maria Orozova and The MOD Studio based in my home town Austin Texas. MOD helped me re-brand, find a great name and of course redo my blog site overall to the coolness you see now. The MOD Studio is an class act firm I would recommend if you are looking for a full service creative marketing firm.

So why “Merivis”, well Merivis in Latin means “Merit Force” and if you know me, there have been two important  aspects of of my career since I graduated high school that have to do with the word “Force”. First, was the US Air Force, which I had the honor to serve out of high-school as both a medic, then as a nurse (working in civil service) at the same hospital in San Antonio. The second Force of course was learning the technology behind and eventually working for this innovative company very recently. Both of these “Forces” have been instrumental in my life. In addition, Merit which means “character or conduct deserving reward, honor, or esteem”  which is something I strive for both personally and professionally.  I strive to do this through service to my community and with my career in the IT world and where-ever I go.

Over the next few months and throughout this year, the Merivis Blog will focus on the technology blog posts related to cloud computing, and other relevant info in the technology landscape. With that being said, what I am really excited about is at least once a month, I will have a guest technology blogger share some of their expertise on topics related to emerging technologies and business process.  If you are interested in being a guest blogger this year, do let me know. I am sure alot of you have acquired some great technology knowledge  over the years that others would be interested in knowing more about.

Thank you to all my friends, co-workers and family who have supported me on this endeavor. Next week we will cover non-profits and and how you can make it work for your non-profit.

Hector Perez Jr.


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