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I really like this article by Howard Baldwin (Forbes) about IT Innovation and the tips offered.

My take is should not only happen for companies who build technology products, but should be applied the IT teams that support and build out tools for corporations no matter what sector they are in. Corp IT* has always had an interesting place in the corporate model of a company’s command structure and sometimes can be pulled in alot of different directions. Regardless, one of the easiest things I find when it comes to innovation in Corp IT level is talk to the end users of the application(s) you manage, see what they like, what they don’t like, sit with them, sit with the business leaders but most of all, listen.  Don’t work in a vacuum when thinking of innovation with Corp IT. Lastly, its critical that you work and can excel in an corporate environment that encourages innovation. Whether its cloud technologies coming our way, the mobile revolution currently with us, or the next wave of cool innovative IT tools coming, if you don’t innovate, your competitors or end users (of your tools) will.

*Corp IT = Your IT teams that support and build out tools to run your company (online/offline)


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