Windows Insider Program Benefits

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Windows Insider Program Criticality

With Windows 10 out now, the full release build is full of features that everyone gets to use that us preview users only got with each successful build.  I often get asked what is it like being an insider. Truth be told, it is actually pretty cool getting to test software that the public won’t use for months or even longer. The benefits of testing something like Windows 10 is beneficial to everyone, with each new build, users get to provide feedback back to the team to create a much more perfect product.

Now why is this important? I have come to realize that sometimes companies will run beta tests of their software but often don’t consider any or much user feedback. Its just simply to test out to see if they are on a somewhat right track. In most cases, beta comes out people rag on the core elements that a company may or may not question then they will take it back, and then we don’t hear from them for a while until the final product is released.

This new type of change in getting constant feedback has helped create a better windows after the much ill-fated windows 8.0 mess up.  If you remember how bad Windows 8.0 was, it was called Vista 2.0. With each new build Microsoft releases for Windows 10, you can see the progress that Microsoft is pushing in creating a very amazing product. In the beginning when I first used windows 10, there was a lot of stuff missing. But that is because it was a very very very early build. Now, the July 20th release date for Windows 10 behind us, I can say it is very nearly ready for full release.

I believe the reason why Microsoft has become so open with its services, from releasing a beta of the new office to a beta of their windows phone OS, to even other services and products they offer. It shows that Microsoft is embracing user feedback from their most die hard fans. I hope that many other companies like Apple, and Google start their own insider programs because crafting a better user experience by their many fans and user base can definitely improve their products. I feel at times that with many companies, doing internal testing you tend to miss out on issues or usability confusion that people will give feedback on cause trust me. Sometimes you are used to doing something your way with your own app or product but give it to someone who has never used it and they might just surprise you with their feedback.

But what about after Windows 10 is released you ask? What will happen to the Insider Program, it will still continue, Microsoft will use the program to release patches and test builds and features to get user feedback and build that better experience. So if you want to be a part of the Insider Program you can still do it. Just sign up and test out some of their future stuff just remember, you are signing up for a beta of stuff to come.

Orlando Villarreal

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