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IMG_1027What an amazing two weeks in March it was in San Francisco. along with Veterans2Work brought together 12 US veterans (myself included) to partake in a rigorous formal technical two week class on “ Admin Certification” (ADM 201) .  This was the second class (‘Cohort’) of veterans to come through training and it was a huge success in more ways than one. Over the two week period at the office on Freemont street in San Francisco, veterans received great classroom training on the basics of administration within the platform.  We covered the details around how to best manage and administer an instance of Salesforce. Some of the vets were new to technology, some were recently out of the military (< 1 year), but all were ready and determined to learn this exciting new cloud technology. In addition to the classroom training, veterans received insight and tips from executive leadership at Salesforce who came in a few times throughout the training.  Whether it was re-enforcing the fact that cloud technology is here to stay or even how to dress and act in the in the civilian corporate life, each  veteran took something unique from the class that will last with them a lifetime. When the two weeks were completed,  I believe all the veterans in the class were changed in a good way and their paths in the cloud technology space was set on a solid foundation.

As you know, I have been involved and working in Salesforce since 2007, when I helped globally deploy it for Dell Inc. In addition, I have worked in a-lot of different capacities around the SFDC platform (Project Manager, Senior Manager & Director of IT), but this role as fellow student and adviser (on how SFDC works in business) to the vets has to be the most fulfilling by far.  I do know if these vets stick with the platform and continue to seek their certifications, the world is there to take. The market for talented Salesforce certified administrators is hot right now and we do hope to get all these vets placed.  If you are looking to hiring any of these vets for a Salesforce admin internship or perhaps an entry-level in the Salesforce space at your company please reach out to me directly (  Most of these vets live outside San Francisco and are scattered across the United States. In addition, some of these veterans are willing to re-locate for a good job as needed.  These guys (and one gal) are ready to work and motivated to be successful admins for your company. On a somewhat related note, I personally will be announcing a new path for my career in the next two weeks. I have thought long and hard about various options and the path taken will no doubt be related to I am putting together the final details and hope to share it by the end of April with all of you.


Lastly, I thought I would share this pic below. it’s the new office tower going up on Mission street in San Francisco. This building is the new HQ for Salesforce will house ALL Salesforce employees in the bay area (currently they are scattered across different buildings in SF).  The construction team literally added a new floor during our stay in San Francisco!

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