Dreamforce Day 1

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Day one at Dreamforce 2013 has been pretty incredible with more people attending this year than ever before (estimated to be 120,000 people!). We all found out late Sunday evening about Salesforce1, which will be elaborated on a bit more today in Marc’s keynote. Basically Salesforce took a step back when putting together the Salesforce1 vision. What has been told to me so far is the company led by Parker Harris (VP of Technology) approached building out Salesforce1 with an “API First” approach. This is really the next wave of social collaboration according to Salesforce and this next wave looks great! What the company wanted to do is allow all devices to be connected to the platform, even to the point that Chatter Mobile and SFDC Touch will be combined into one tool.  Can’t wait to learn more about this aspect of the company. More to come on this today for sure, but for now, here is another good link on Salesforce1.

My session went well on “Chatter Rock Star Rollouts” and we had about 250 people in attendance. There certainly is an appetite to understand how best to roll out chatter, educate the user base and really providing an understanding of its value to the company. Chatter can be a bit of a black hole for leaders and people in companies where they may be slow to adapt to the social media revolution currently underway. My advice is take it slow, show the tangible benefits to Chatter over email, SharePoint or other tools and eventually they will come around. If you want to learn more about this, reach out to me on twitter @hectorperezjr.

The opening keynote should be great today, I also hear there is a special musical guest after Marc’s keynote.

Enjoy #DF13



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