Alumni Stories: Melinda Rosploch

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US Army Spouse

Salesforce Administrator  Personify Corp


Talk about the path you took to become a military spouse.

My husband was already in the army when we met, so the military quickly became my new way of life.

What are the benefits and challenges of being married to someone who was previously serving?

Some of the benefits that we got out of being an active duty family are strong communication skills, even stronger organization skills, and the ability to accept the things we cannot change. There are numerous challenges that come along with being a military spouse as well. Learning how to handle high levels of stress, seeing the positive in every situation, and supporting each other through all of the crazy ups and downs that come along with being an active duty military family weren’t always easy.

What are some of the challenges you have faced in your career as a result of your role in a military family?

Added stress from having a husband who was deployed while still going to work every day and maintaining a household on my own was a definite strain on my career at the time. The possibility of getting restationed was always a concern for us as well, because I was only licensed to practice my old job in the Southwest. The fear that we would have to move outside of that region was always a fear, because I would have been out of a job.

Where did you grow up, what kind of family did you come from?

I grew up in Killeen, Texas. I am the youngest of two daughters. I grew up in a very loving and supportive traditional Southern family. My parents have always taught both my sister and myself that we could do anything we wanted to, as long as we were willing to put the work into it. Both of my parents worked very hard for the careers they had and are huge inspirations for me.

What challenges or blessings stand out from your history?

The biggest challenge for me coming in to Merivis was the fact that I was coming from a profession where I had absolutely no technical experience or background. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get certified or not. My lack of confidence in my technical skills was a huge challenge I had to overcome in order to be successful on my Salesforce journey.

How did you find Merivis? What about the program made you join?

I was introduced to Merivis through a former patient of mine, Orlando, who volunteers with the foundation. He knew that my husband is a veteran and that I was thinking about switching careers and considering the tech world. After discussing the foundation with him, I decided to do some research on my own and quickly realized that Merivis was an amazing opportunity for veterans and military spouses to get Salesforce training that would allow me a chance to get into the tech world without having to go back to college. The strong community and support system that comes along with being part of Merivis was one of the reasons that I decided to apply.

What is your #MerivisMoment?

My #MerivisMoment happened when I was in my second cohort this past summer. That was the first time that I started to realize how much I had learned during my first cohort and how much of an advantage it was to be a part of such a large community. I started to feel confident in my Salesforce knowledge for the first time and shortly after that cohort I finally landed my first Salesforce admin job thanks to the support and encouragement I received from my fellow Merivets during that class.

What are your career goals now that you are Salesforce certified?

My goal right now is to become a Salesforce developer. However, one of the many things I have fallen in love with when it comes to Salesforce and the Merivis community is that the possibilities are almost endless. There is such a large community and support system to help you reach any goal, and I look forward to using that resource to my advantage to help me continue to further my career, wherever that path may lead.

What is one skill or value military spouses have that would benefit a hiring organization?

Adaptability. Being involved with the military teaches you how to handle a variety of situations that most civilians will never have to. It is an ever-changing environment, and you are never sure what it will ask of you. The ability to adapt to whatever scenario you are given is a valuable skill set that easily transfers to working in any organization.

Sum up your Merivis experience in just one word.


If you could give one piece of advice to new students going through the Merivis program, what would that be?

Take advantage of the resources that are being provided to you. The amount of knowledge that you will have access to is unbelievable. And everyone in the Merivis community is more than willing to talk to you and share that knowledge. All you have to do is ask.

How has your life and/or career changed as a result of the Merivis program, resources, and community?

Merivis allowed me to make a career change from being a dental hygienist to working full time as a Salesforce admin for a company in less than six months. I never would have been able to make that change without Merivis backing me. I was terrified to leave the only profession I had ever known to pursue a career in tech when I had absolutely no experience or background to help me make that transition. They gave me the confidence in myself to believe that I was capable of doing this and provided me with the support system when things got hard and encouraged me to keep at it. And when I did finally pass that exam, got certified, and then landed my first job, it wasn’t just me celebrating—it was everyone within the community who had helped me along the way celebrating with me. For the first time in a very long time I am excited about my career again. That to me is absolutely priceless. I will forever be grateful to Merivis and the Merivis community for lifting me up and helping me believe in myself.

What’s something that you get out of Merivis that you don’t find anywhere else?

The access to knowledge within the Salesforce ecosystem through Merivis is one of a kind. That knowledge base is priceless and so readily available to anyone within the Merivis ecosystem.

A lot of people talk about community when we talk to them about Merivis. What do you like about the Merivis community?

The support systems that comes along with this community is amazing. It is a very giving community. Everyone is genuinely interested in helping everyone else out and supporting them in any way that they can.

How would you describe the people you’ve connected to through Merivis?

Passionate! They are passionate about Salesforce, giving back, being mentors, learning, veterans and their spouses, and just sharing their knowledge.

If you could add something to Merivis, what would it be?

More cohorts! 🙂

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